Using Electronic Health Records (EHR) for Better Nursing Education

Using Electronic Health Records (EHR) for Better Nursing Education

As educators and nurses, we’ve learned a lot in the past couple of years. Shifting to virtual teaching during the pandemic taught us patience and adaptability. We also realized our crucial role as nurses and educators. Nurses have been trusted, especially during the pandemic. But now, due to the strain on healthcare, including nursing shortages, it’s even more important to prepare new nurses well.

Simulation Learning System (SLS) as an Alternative Clinical Experience

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To achieve this, we need to provide students with real and meaningful learning experiences. Old-style lectures are not enough. Nursing skills are not just about memorizing steps. Clinical experiences shouldn’t be separate from class learning. We should help students connect what they learn in class to what they experience in clinical settings.

One great way to do this is by using electronic health records (EHR) in all learning environments. Nurses spend a lot of time in patient charts for good reason – EHRs are crucial for patient communication. Tools like SimChart NG let educators include one of the most important clinical tools, the patient chart, as a regular part of the courses.

SimChart NG’s case studies let students practice finding patient information in the chart and documenting assessments. These cases can be done alone or in groups. Imagine how students can connect what they learn in class to caring for patients through these case studies with complete patient charts. This is how we truly bridge the gap!

SimChart NG also has blank charts, perfect for lab practice. Instead of just practicing steps, students can document skills and assessments, connecting practice to real clinical situations.

Optimizing Success in LPN/LVN Education

It’s important for new nurses not only to document care but also to navigate the chart for important patient data. Learning about patient charts has usually been part of clinical practice, which can be tough, especially for first-semester students. Imagine how helpful it would be if students already knew about EHRs before clinicals.

With so much healthcare information available, we need to teach students critical thinking and strong clinical judgment. To achieve this, students need more exposure to situations similar to real clinical settings. Using an EHR in all learning settings – lectures, labs, simulations, and clinicals – can truly prepare students for the NCLEX® and make them capable and safe nurses right from the beginning.

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