Five Useful Articles on Standardized Testing in Nursing Education

Five Useful Articles on Standardized Testing in Nursing Education

In the face of the pandemic, nursing classrooms have adapted to various teaching modes, both in-person and online. Standardized testing, however, remains a crucial element in nursing education. Whether your classroom is physical or virtual, these recently published articles offer valuable insights into standardized testing strategies and considerations. Here’s a mix of articles to explore:

1. Article: Standardized Testing in Nursing Education: Preparing Students for NCLEX RN And Practice
Authors: Glasgow, M.E., Dreher, H.M., & Schreiber, J. (2019)
Journal: Journal of Professional Nursing, 35(6), 440-446

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This thought-provoking article by Drs. Glasgow, Dreher, and Schreiber dives deep into the world of standardized testing. It explores assessing student readiness for NCLEX and the multifaceted aspects of using standardized exams in nursing programs. Covering topics such as program policies, high stakes arguments, fairness, and adult learning considerations, the authors share best practices and insights gathered from literature and teaching experiences. If you’re seeking guidance on testing practices and policy changes, this is a must-read.

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2. Article: Big Ideas: An Ethical Exploration of Standardized Testing in Nursing Education
Author: Young, D. (2018)
Journal: Nurse Education Today, 61(2018), 1-2

Ethics in nursing education are paramount. Diane Young delves into ethical considerations surrounding standardized testing in this enlightening piece. As nurse educators, the aspiration is for all aspiring nurses to succeed, but not all students meet this goal. Young’s article offers intriguing ethical insights into this complex issue.

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3. Article: Instituting Evidence-Based Changes to Improve First-Time NCLEX-RN Pass Rates
Authors: Czekanski, K., Hoerst, B.J., and Kurz, J. (2018)
Journal: Journal of Nursing Regulation, 9(1), 11-18

Czekanski et al present a systematic, data-driven approach to improving pass rates. Their article outlines strategies developed by a testing committee, including revising policies and aligning curriculum with NCLEX content. By implementing these evidence-based changes, pass rates significantly increased over three years, from 64.86% to 94.29%.

4. Article: HESI RN Specialty Exams Improve Scores on Exit Exam
Author: Dr. Susan Sportsman, RN, PhD, ANEF, FAAN

This article highlights the impact of HESI Specialty Exams on student success. By integrating these exams into the curriculum, students are exposed to more NCLEX-style questions and can identify areas for targeted study. Dr. Susan Sportsman shares data from over 700 nursing programs, revealing that students who took more unique specialty exams performed better on the exit exam.

5. Article: Tips for Promoting Test Security When Remote Proctoring
Author: Kim Brunnert, PhD, CESP

As online education becomes more prevalent, remote proctoring is increasingly common for testing. Kim Brunnert, PhD, CESP, offers practical tips to ensure test security during remote proctoring. With testing moving online, these insights can help maintain the integrity of your standardized testing program.

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