Advantages and Useful Attributes of Nursing eBooks

Advantages and Useful Attributes of Nursing eBooks

Reading nursing materials can pose a challenge across various courses or academic levels, yet it remains a fundamental aspect of becoming a skilled nurse. While textbooks might appear daunting to students, there are methods through which educators can assist students in making the most of their reading experience. eBooks offer opportunities for faculty to guide students in reading purposefully and becoming more effective learners. Here are ways in which eBooks can benefit both students and educators:

Using the Send-A-Problem Activity for Classroom Learning

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– Convenience: eBooks not only eliminate the need to carry heavy books to and from classes, but they are also more accessible. Most eBooks are centralized on a single platform, and many are even designed to be mobile-friendly.
– Cost-Effective: The majority of eBooks are priced lower than their print counterparts. Additionally, campuses that offer Inclusive Access programs can provide course content to students at competitive prices right from the start of the class.
– Realistic: As nursing students embark on their professional journey, they will encounter digital resources in their practice. Incorporating digital tools through eBooks into the classroom is not only practical now, but it also prepares students for their future careers.


– Highlights: Enhanced eBook tools enable educators to highlight crucial content within assigned readings, which can then be shared with students. Students can also share their highlights with each other. This differentiation can be achieved by using various colors for different purposes. For instance, one color could signify key information, while another could indicate questions.

Using Reverse Case Studies for Learning in Clinical Settings

NGN TIP: Introduce a case study in pre-class reading. Students can highlight important cues and bring them to class for analysis and discussion.

– Notes: While reading, students can take notes and jot down questions. These notes can be referred to during class for clarification and discussion. Faculty can also leave notes for students within the text, drawing attention to significant figures, tables, or posing thought-provoking questions to encourage deeper contemplation. Relevant links to videos or articles can enhance the understanding of the content.
– Flashcards: Crafting flashcards for essential terminology and concepts becomes simpler for students directly from the text they’re using for their course. This streamlined approach to making study materials aids in more efficient preparation.
– Text-to-Speech: Students have the option to listen to their assigned readings, making the most of their commute time between classes. This feature is particularly beneficial for students whose primary language isn’t English, enhancing accessibility for diverse learners.

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