Chelsea Warren Type 1 Diabetes Shadow health Education & Empathy

Chelsea Warren Type 1 Diabetes Shadow health Education & Empathy

Education & Empathy : 3 of 4 (75.0%)

During the patient interview, there are a number of opportunities to provide patient education and empathy. The opportunities listed below are those identified by nursing experts to be of particular importance to this patient. A Model Statement is provided as an example of an appropriate response to each opportunity.


  • Opportunities marked as Not Encountered are opportunities that were not elicited in the interview
  • Opportunities marked as Not Followed Up are missed opportunities that were present in the interview, but where no statements were made
  • Opportunities marked as Followed Up were followed up by students, and include the dialogue between student and patient
  • Chelsea Warren Type 1 Diabetes Shadow health Education & Empathy
 1 Type 1 Diabetes Management
Followed Up

 Description: Chelsea expresses that she doesn’t know much about diabetes or understand it, and that “other people” have been checking her blood sugar and administering insulin for her.

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Do you take medications?

06:15 PM PST

Chelsea Warren

Um, I mean, I guess I take insulin every day, if that’s what you mean.

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Do you monitor your blood glucose levels? (Clarified to: Do you check your blood sugar at home?)

06:15 PM PST

Chelsea Warren

Other people have been checking it for me. I haven’t done it myself yet. (Clarified to: if I check my blood sugar)

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Okay. It is good to closely monitor your glucose levels

06:16 PM PST

Chelsea Warren

Oh, ok. I think I get it.

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thanks for answering the questions Chelsea.

06:16 PM PST

Chelsea Warren

Thank you.

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Do you have a high heart beat?

06:17 PM PST

Chelsea Warren

There’s so much to learn. I feel like my brain is full! But thanks for telling me.

 Model Statement: “I understand that type 1 diabetes can seem overwhelming, because you have a lot to learn about monitoring your blood sugar, giving yourself insulin injections, and changing the way that you eat. However, you’re going to have a lot of support along the way from your family members, friends, school nurses, and even your riding instructor. Chelsea Warren Type 1 Diabetes Shadow health Education & Empathy. While everyone is here to support you, you’re the most important part of this process, because you understand how you feel better than anyone else does.”

 2 Living With Chronic Illness
Not Encountered

Gabriel Martinez Asthma Exacerbation Shadow health Transcript

 Description: Chelsea expresses mixed feelings about her new diagnosis of type 1 diabetes.

 Model Statement: “I understand that this diagnosis can make it seem like your life has been turned upside down. That’s a perfectly normal feeling to have. You should know that while type 1 diabetes is a lifelong and serious illness, it’s also manageable. You can still live a normal life, and do all of the things you love to do. With time, you’ll get used to all of these new experiences.” Chelsea Warren Type 1 Diabetes Shadow health Education & Empathy

 3 Hidden Carbohydrates
Followed Up

 Description: Mr. Warren expresses a belief that his daughter eats a low-carbohydrate and low-sugar diet, but he lists foods that are carb-heavy or high in sugar.

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What is your daughter’s typical diet? (Clarified to: What is your daughter’s diet like?)

06:06 PM PST

Ned Warren

It’s actually pretty normal, I suppose. Pancakes and fruit for breakfast are my speciality. I’ll either fix a sandwich and chips for lunch or she’ll get lunch at school. Dinner varies between take-out or my world famous chili. (Clarified to: what my daughter’s diet is like)

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It is recommended to avoid high intake of carbs and fatty foods. Please follow the appropriate debates diet. Chelsea Warren Type 1 Diabetes Shadow health Education & Empathy

06:07 PM PST

Ned Warren


 Model Statement: “Carbohydrates are a basic food group, and they can affect a diabetic person’s blood sugar. Even “healthy” foods, like whole-grain pancakes or fruit, can be high in carbohydrates. It’s important for you and Chelsea’s mother to monitor Chelsea’s carbohydrate intake, so that she can effectively control her blood sugar. Chelsea’s endocrinologist, and a pediatric nutritionist, can help you modify Chelsea’s diet.” Chelsea Warren Type 1 Diabetes Shadow health Education & Empathy

 4 Two Households and Chronic Illness
Followed Up

 Description: Mr. Warren says that he is divorced, and Chelsea splits her time evenly between two households. He expresses an amicable relationship with his ex-wife, but Chelsea’s diagnosis is going to require more cooperation and communication than ever before.

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Are you married?

06:10 PM PST

Ned Warren

Chelsea’s mom, Nora, and I are divorced. We split custody 50/50, so Chelsea stays with me for two weeks at a time, and then stays with her mom for two weeks. We try to set a good example and, you know, do the civil co-parenting thing. Chelsea Warren Type 1 Diabetes Shadow health Education & Empathy

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Okay, I know divorce is hard even for the kids. But it is good to see Chelsea has the love of both her parents even after the divorce

06:11 PM PST

Ned Warren


 Model Statement: “Communication between divorced or separated parents can often be difficult. It’s great that you and Chelsea’s mother have a good relationship, because Chelsea’s diagnosis will require a stable and supportive dual household that ensures she is getting everything she needs to live a healthy life. You and your ex-wife will have to coordinate diabetic supplies, diet, and routine blood glucose monitoring, so that there are no gaps in Chelsea’s care Chelsea Warren Type 1 Diabetes Shadow health Education & Empathy.”

Title: Chelsea Warren Type 1 Diabetes Shadow Health Education & Empathy

Type 1 Diabetes Management Opportunity:
During the interview, there’s a chance to provide education and empathy to Chelsea about managing her diabetes.

Chelsea’s Understanding of Diabetes:
Chelsea mentions not knowing much about diabetes, and that others check her blood sugar and give her insulin.

Checking Blood Glucose Levels:
Chelsea says others check her blood sugar, and she hasn’t done it herself.

Importance of Monitoring:
Responding to Chelsea, it’s important to emphasize the value of monitoring blood glucose levels closely.

Positive Response:
Chelsea acknowledges the importance of monitoring and understanding.

Expressing Gratitude:
Chelsea thanks the interviewer for answering her questions.

Handling Overwhelming Information:
Chelsea mentions feeling overwhelmed by the amount to learn about diabetes.

Offering Support:
A model statement emphasizes the overwhelming nature of type 1 diabetes and offers reassurance about the support Chelsea will receive from family, friends, school nurses, and others.

Living With Chronic Illness Opportunity:
There’s a chance to address Chelsea’s mixed feelings about her recent type 1 diabetes diagnosis.

Acknowledging Mixed Feelings:
Chelsea expresses mixed emotions about her diagnosis.

Managing Chronic Illness:
A model statement acknowledges Chelsea’s feelings, normalizes the experience, and reassures her that while type 1 diabetes is lifelong, it’s manageable.

Hidden Carbohydrates Opportunity:
Mr. Warren believes Chelsea’s diet is low in carbs and sugar, but lists carb-heavy foods.

Describing Chelsea’s Diet:
Mr. Warren describes Chelsea’s diet as normal with pancakes, fruit, sandwiches, chips, and dinner variations.

Carbohydrate Awareness:
The importance of monitoring carbohydrate intake and its effect on blood sugar is emphasized.

Professional Assistance:
A model statement suggests involving an endocrinologist and pediatric nutritionist to modify Chelsea’s diet.

Two Households and Chronic Illness Opportunity:
Mr. Warren is divorced, and Chelsea splits time between two households, requiring more cooperation and communication.

Divorced Parents:
Mr. Warren shares that he and Chelsea’s mom are divorced, co-parenting after splitting custody.

Stable Dual Household:
The importance of a supportive dual household is highlighted for Chelsea’s diabetes care.

Communication and Coordination:
A model statement suggests communication and coordination between divorced parents to ensure Chelsea’s needs are met consistently.

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