How to Use NGN Content in Sherpath with EAQ

How to Use NGN Content in Sherpath with EAQ

Recent survey results indicate that both students and faculty believe that Sherpath effectively aids in exam preparation. Sherpath has integrated Next Generation NCLEX (NGN) item types through Elsevier Adaptive Quizzing (EAQ), which accurately reflects what students will encounter in the new exam format. Our team of experts works diligently to create comprehensive NGN item types in Sherpath, ensuring you have the necessary tools for student preparation.
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  • Here are suggestions, effective strategies, and tips to maximize the benefits of NGN enhancements in Sherpath with EAQ:
    NGN Item Types in EAQ
  • Essential content areas include unfolding cases with six questions along with standalone items.
  • Utilize these in-class for thorough discussions to cultivate clinical judgment skills.
  • Click on “Actions” next to the assigned NGN quiz, then “View as Student,” to go through NGN item types with students during class on the screen.
  • Assign them outside of class for additional practice.
  • Integrate 1 item type in post-conferences that align with what students experienced in clinical settings.
  • Click on “Actions” next to the assigned NGN quiz, then “Results,” to view student scores on NGN item types and each step of the NCSBN-CJMM.

Group Activities

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By accessing “Additional Resources” in Sherpath, you can choose group activities focused on pathophysiology and nursing interventions. These activities support the knowledge required to answer NGN items. They can be used online, virtually, or in face-to-face collaborative learning settings.

Evolve Instructor and Student Resources

  • Unfolding case studies available in instructor and student resources are valuable for teaching clinical judgment.
  • Use the provided questions along with instructor-added questions based on the 6 cognitive processes in the NCSBN-CJMM.
  • Incorporate selected PowerPoint slides from instructor resources, like pathophysiology, into your questions to teach complex content in brief 10-minute lectures.
  • Engage students in discussions while using these slides to assess their understanding.
  • Conclude with a bowtie or trending EAQ NGN item type on the same topic to evaluate various clinical judgment skills.

Sherpath Case Studies

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  • Sherpath case studies, offered in specific Sherpath courses, foster clinical judgment differently from traditional unfolding case studies. They present a starting scenario followed by three to five free-text or multiple-choice questions. These case studies encourage students to formulate their answers, mirroring the thinking required in NGN where item types demand extensive knowledge.
  • Rather than showing case studies to students, display them on a projector screen during class. Reveal answers after class discussion or using Think-Pair-Share.
  • Employ case studies as an entry ticket to class. Require students to prepare detailed answers with rationales before class (beyond just reading provided answers). Discuss their prepared insights at the beginning of the session.

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