How HESI Supports NGN Readiness

How HESI Supports NGN Readiness

HESI’s role as a predictor of NCLEX® success has been well-established. Considering upcoming changes to the NCLEX, it was important to integrate Next Generation NCLEX (NGN) elements into HESI. More than 35,000 HESI test-takers have engaged with NGN items, including 144+ actively piloted NGN items on HESI exams. The initiative “NGN for All” incorporates NGN items into everyone’s HESI Next Generation exams when content is available. After completing an exam, students receive feedback on their performance with these new items. It’s worth noting that until the validity study concludes, these items won’t affect final HESI scores. Early exposure to the new NGN-style items helps you prepare students and get your program ahead in NGN readiness.

Using the Digital Clinical Experience™ as Evidence for the Accreditation Process of Undergraduate Nursing Programs

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Here are recommendations, best practices, and tips for preparing students taking HESI exams with NGN content and questions:

Understanding the Reason for Test Format Changes

1. Traditionally, the NCLEX presents isolated scenarios with one patient to assess fundamental knowledge. NGN introduces unfolding case studies, following the same patient over time. This challenges students to think more deeply and mirrors real-world nursing situations.
2. Introduce students to the data behind the NCLEX test design change, explaining why these adjustments are crucial for ensuring they are practice-ready.
3. Provide students with statistics that highlight the significance of these changes.

Explaining NGN and Cognitive Skills

1. Clarify the differences between NGN and the current NCLEX to students by showing them new item types on the NCSBN website.
2. Help students comprehend how the cognitive skills outlined in the NCSBN Clinical Judgment Measurement Model (NCJMM) will be assessed. Familiarity with NGN concepts is vital.

Preparation Before Practicing NGN Item Types

1. Bring clinical scenarios into the classroom to prompt students to think in the manner required for the exam. Encourage them to identify knowledge gaps.
2. Challenge students with complex questions in learning environments to engage their thought processes and enhance clinical judgment. Mistakes made in class offer learning opportunities without real-world consequences.

Guidance After the Exam

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1. Even though NGN item types in select HESI exams are not included in final grades, remediation is connected to these responses. Each cognitive skill from Layer 3 of NCJMM is tied to question content, ensuring targeted remediation.
2. Make completing associated remediation compulsory for students after their HESI exams. This reinforces weak areas and bolsters cognitive skills evaluated in NGN.

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