How HESI Compass & Live Review Help Students Cross the Finish Line to NGN Success

How HESI Compass & Live Review Help Students Cross the Finish Line to NGN Success

HESI Compass is here to help students transition from school to the NCLEX®. With changes coming to the NCLEX, students need support to not just pass the Next Generation NCLEX (NGN), but also to develop the clinical judgment skills essential for success as a nurse. HESI Live Review is a great way for students to reinforce their critical thinking, solidify nursing knowledge, and boost their confidence before test day.

Here are some recommendations and tips for using HESI Compass and Live Review to prepare your students for the NGN:

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Reaching the Goal

1. Make sure your students are well-prepared for the NGN by graduation. HESI Compass acts as a final touch to their education and should be introduced during capstone or post-graduation support.
2. These resources are most effective later in their education journey. Before using this digital tool, students should at least get familiar with the new NGN question types and unfolding case studies that test important thinking skills.
3. If your students aren’t ready when your program ends, consider systematically integrating NGN concepts and content using our rollout guide.

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Modules and HESI Exams

1. According to the NCSBN, the test plan framework for Client Needs and its subcategories will likely stay the same. Along with clinical judgment application, having a solid grasp of nursing skills and concepts is vital.
2. HESI Compass aligns with the NCLEX test plan, focusing on Client Needs, and has thorough content review related to these areas. This guides the content of case studies and modules.
3. Since HESI Compass is performance-based, students can target their weakest areas in Client Needs first, giving them time to improve before taking the NCLEX.
4. In addition to comprehensive content aligned with the NCLEX test plan, both HESI Compass and HESI Live Review include new NGN question types. Check out our information on NGN and HESI Exams to prepare students for what they’ll encounter in a standardized exam environment with NGN (linked when available).

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Support for Compass Coach and Live Review Educators

HESI Compass coaches and HESI Live Review educators are experienced nurse educators who are passionate about helping students succeed in the NCLEX. They directly guide students, providing timely tips and assistance to boost confidence and ensure full readiness for the exam.

These coaches and educators will receive a comprehensive NGN curriculum to gain a deep understanding of NGN. This knowledge will lead to new activities that allow students to practice cognitive skills in Layer 3 of the NCSBN Clinical Judgment Measurement Model (NCJMM) and clinical judgment.

Faculty should utilize coaches and educators for NGN preparation whenever possible, which can help reduce their workload and maximize the benefits of the provided tools. Faculty should also be aware of specific NGN-related activities that will be used:

– Coaches will encourage students to use new question types as teasers in their regular Slack communication and test their knowledge in small ways alongside their HESI Compass coursework and exams.
– At the start of the week, coaches will introduce a case and manage it as an unfolding case study throughout the course, engaging in a “coach a case” activity.
– Both Live Review and HESI Compass students will be given an unfolding case study where they need to “solve the mystery” of the patient.
– Students will attempt to create an NGN question based on a clinical experience they’ve had, testing their clinical judgment skills.

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