Tanner Bailey Shadow Health Assessment

Tanner Bailey Shadow Health Assessment

Tanner Bailey Shadow Health Assessment

Tanner Bailey, a 30-year-old individual, is a transgender man, meaning he was assigned female at birth but now identifies and lives as a man. Currently, Tanner holds the position of a theater director at a company that focuses on LGBTQ+ themes and stories, known as a queer theater company. Beyond his professional endeavors, Tanner indulges in personal interests during his free time. He enjoys engaging in physical exercise activities and finds pleasure in watching classic films.

Proactively, Tanner takes measures to ensure his physical and emotional well-being. In educational contexts, Tanner serves as a character in various simulations designed to provide students with insight into the challenges faced by transgender individuals in society. These simulations shed light on issues such as discrimination in healthcare and employment, which transgender people commonly encounter on a day-to-day basis. This unjust bias can result in significant health disparities and hinder access to appropriate medical care, as highlighted by Sherman et al. in their research.

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In one simulation scenario, students collaborate with a preceptor named Diana to navigate Tanner’s visit to a clinic and determine a potential medical diagnosis. By incorporating Tanner into these educational exercises, nursing students gain exposure to caring for transgender patients, an aspect of healthcare training that may be lacking in traditional clinical settings.

Furthermore, Shadow Health, the organization responsible for creating these simulations, collaborated with Trans Equity Consulting to ensure the accuracy and authenticity of Tanner’s portrayal. Similar to another character named Lupe, Tanner’s simulation includes activities aimed at building rapport with transgender individuals, a crucial aspect of providing respectful and effective healthcare services. Research indicates that establishing a positive relationship with transgender clients is vital due to their often negative experiences within the healthcare system. Alarmingly, studies show that 25% of transgender patients delay seeking healthcare due to fears of mistreatment and discrimination.

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Within the simulation, students are encouraged to use respectful language when discussing Tanner’s body and to consider his preferences for physical examinations. Recently, Shadow Health conducted a study published in Nurse Educator, exploring the impact of virtual patient simulations featuring transgender characters on nursing students’ attitudes and beliefs. The findings revealed that exposure to these simulations positively influenced students’ cultural competence and sensitivity towards transgender patients, underscoring the effectiveness of experiential learning in nursing education.

Tanner Bailey Shadow Health Assessment

Tanner Bailey is a 30-year-old man who used to be identified as female but now identifies as male. He works as a director in a theater that focuses on the experiences of LGBTQ+ people. When he’s not working, he enjoys exercising and watching old films. Tanner takes active steps to keep himself healthy and happy. In some educational simulations, Tanner is portrayed in scenarios that highlight the challenges transgender people often face, like discrimination in healthcare and employment. This discrimination can cause significant health problems and make it hard for transgender people to get the right medical care.

In one simulation, students work with a nurse to figure out what might be wrong with Tanner when he visits a clinic. By including Tanner in these simulations, nursing students get a chance to learn about caring for transgender patients, which might not happen in regular clinical training.

For one simulation, Shadow Health, the company behind the simulations, worked with experts from Trans Equity Consulting to make sure Tanner’s story was accurate and respectful. Just like with another character named Lupe, Tanner’s simulation includes an activity where students practice building a good relationship with a transgender person. This is really important because many transgender people have had bad experiences with healthcare. In fact, research shows that a lot of transgender patients delay going to the doctor because they’re worried about how they’ll be treated.

In the simulation, students also learn how to talk respectfully about Tanner’s body and what kinds of exams he’s comfortable with. Recently, Shadow Health did a study with nursing students to see how these simulations affect their attitudes toward transgender people. The results showed that experiencing these simulations helped students become more understanding and sensitive when caring for transgender patients.

Tanner Bailey Shadow Health Assessment

Tanner Bailey is a 30-year-old transgender man who works as a theatre director at a queer theatre company. In his spare time, he loves working out and watching old movies. He is proactive about his health and happiness. Tanner appears in two different simulations in Advanced Pharmacology and Community Health DCEs, where cases highlight the difficulties trans people face on a daily basis due to unjust bias including regular discrimination in health care and the job sector. Bias against transgender and gender diverse (TGD) people in healthcare can lead to significant health disparities and limited access to appropriate care (Sherman et al., 2021). He also appears in the Advanced Diagnostics DCE where students collaborate with Preceptor Diana to determine a working medical diagnosis from his visit to the clinic. By featuring Tanner in three different simulation experiences, students across nursing education have a higher chance of interacting with a transgender patient, which they may not have the opportunity to in traditional clinicals. 

For Tanner’s appearance in the Community Health DCE, Shadow Health worked with Trans Equity Consulting, the same consulting agency referenced for Lupe’s case. With their guidance, Shadow Health’s development teams crafted a whole, authentic representation of Tanner and his experiences in Shadowville.

Similar to Lupe, Tanner’s simulation also includes a Rapport Building activity. According to consultant input, establishing rapport with a trans client is extremely important during a visit. This population has often had negative experiences in the healthcare system—research shows that 25% of trans patients report delaying healthcare-seeking out of fear of mistreatment and discrimination. In addition to asking about pronouns and his preferred name, students will also determine what terms Tanner prefers for referencing his anatomy (he prefers “chest” instead of “breast”); and discussing Tanner’s preferences for physical examination prior to beginning the exam.

Additionally, Shadow Health recently conducted research, published in Nurse Educator, to determine the effect of a virtual patient simulation scenario of caring for a transgender adult on nursing students’ attitudes and beliefs about transgender people. Study findings support experiential learning in nursing as an effective tool in teaching cultural competence and sensitivity when caring for transgender patients.

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