How the TPACK Framework Can Help Nurse Educators Embrace Digital Learning Tools

How the TPACK Framework Can Help Nurse Educators Embrace Digital Learning Tools

As we move forward in time, it’s expected that changes in demographics and technology will shape the roles of nurses in the United States between 2020 and 2030. These changes will affect how nurses interact with patients and adapt their healthcare practices and communication for better results. As a result, nursing school curricula will see significant adjustments. These changes will also be influenced by the introduction of the Next Generation NCLEX® (NGN) in 2023.

Elsevier understands the complexities of the nursing field and the upcoming transformations. We aim to support nursing programs with educational solutions that help students gain the necessary knowledge, skills, and attitudes. Our complete curriculum solution is designed to assist faculty in incorporating diverse teaching methods and digital technologies that cater to their teaching, learning, and assessment requirements. Our educational solutions concentrate on three main areas to assist students in developing the knowledge, practical skills, and abilities needed for successful nursing careers:

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1. Building Knowledge: Our resources like eBooks, Sherpath courseware, and Elsevier Adaptive Quizzing (EAQ) are designed to ensure students master nursing knowledge and feel confident in their understanding. We focus on foundational content and active engagement throughout the nursing curriculum.
2. Applying Clinical Judgment: We offer tools like Shadow Health and Simulation Learning System (SLS) for immersive learning experiences that integrate knowledge acquisition and application. These tools help students enhance their cognitive, social, and practical skills, making them better prepared for nursing practice.
3. Assessing and Reviewing: Our solutions like HESI Specialty Exams, HESI Exit Exams, and HESI Compass aid in assessing students’ progress and improving their learning in specific areas. These tools help students prepare for the NCLEX-RN.

The technologies in our curriculum solution have been developed and refined based on feedback from nursing education. However, it’s our responsibility to also help faculty understand these solutions, so they can make informed decisions about integrating technologies into their curricula. This is where the Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK) framework comes in.

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The TPACK framework was created by Mishra and Koehler in 2006 to illustrate the interconnected knowledge educators require to effectively use technology in their teaching. It builds on Shulman’s idea from 1986, where educators were encouraged to develop teaching expertise within a specific content area. Mishra and Koehler expanded this concept to include knowledge of technology for educators teaching with digital tools. The TPACK framework encompasses these three areas of knowledge and explains how teachers can flexibly use them to create effective learning environments. It also helps educators decide on using a specific technology while considering content and pedagogy.

Recently, Mishra (2019) introduced contextual knowledge (XK) into the framework. This includes educators’ awareness of social and organizational factors when integrating technology into their curricula. Mishra and Warr (2021) urged educators to consider broader systems and culture while integrating technologies for all learners.

TPACK has been used in nursing curricula design and delivery. For example, Tai, Pan, and Lee (2015) applied it to create an online writing course for nursing students needing to improve their English writing skills. Levitt and colleagues (2016) described how TPACK was used for an online program supporting graduate nursing students’ technology-based teaching skills. TPACK can also be used to understand the characteristics of educational technologies in context.

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The adapted TPACK framework can be used to generate questions for nursing faculty as they integrate digital learning solutions into their curricula. These questions can be applied to specific solutions or parts of solutions to meet program needs. They can also be used to see how technologies complement each other to achieve curricular goals. This framework helps faculty consider various aspects of technology implementation and its impact on students’ learning.

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