Post an explanation of the specific socioeconomic, spiritual, lifestyle, and other cultural factors associated with the patient you were assigned. Explain the issues that you would need to be sensitive to when interacting with the patient, and why. Provide at least five targeted questions you would ask the patient to build his or her health history and to assess his or her health risks


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John Green, 33 year-old Caucasian male, presents to the office to establish as a new patient. John’s natal sex is female but he identifies as a male. He transitioned from female to male 2 years ago. He has made a full transition with family and socially last year. He just moved back home and is unemployed at this time. He has been obtaining testosterone from the internet to give to himself. He has not had any health care since he decided to change other than getting his suppression medications through Telehealth 3 months ago. His past medical history includes smoking 2 packages of cigarettes per day for the last 10 years, smokes 3-6 marijuana joints every weekend (has an active green card), and does suffer from depression episodes. He is HIV positive for the last 3 years but remains virally suppressed at his last blood draw 6 months ago. He has been feeling very weak over the last few weeks which prompted him to move back home with his parents. He takes Biktarvy once daily that comes in the mail for free, tolerates it well, and 100 mg Testosterone IM every 7 days. His PMH is non-contributory. No past medical history. He has never been married. No significant family history. He is worried since moving back home and unemployed he will be a burden on his family, and he thinks his health may be declining.


Shawn Billings, a 28 year-old African American patient comes in to the clinic today. He has been deemed a “frequent flyer” by the staff at the clinic and was at the clinic last week and 4 days ago with a migraine, given a shot of Toradol and Ativan and sent home. He is here today again for an extreme headache. He is very agitated today. He is here with his father and worried that he will not get any medication.


Respond on or before Day 6 on 2 different days to at least two of your colleagues who were assigned a different patient than you. Critique your colleague’s targeted questions, and explain how the patient might interpret these questions. Explain whether any of the questions would apply to your patient, and why.

NURS-6512N DIVERSITY AND HEALTH ASSESSMENTS DISCUSSION  Case Study #1: 33-year-old Caucasian male

Discussion: Diversity and Health Assessments

Week 2 Discussion: Exploring Patient Factors

By the third day of Week 2, provide an explanation of the patient’s specific cultural factors, including socioeconomic, spiritual, and lifestyle aspects. Also, consider other factors tied to the patient you were assigned. Detail the sensitivities required when interacting with this patient and the reasons for them. Offer a set of at least five focused questions that you would use to compile the patient’s health history and evaluate potential health risks.

Case Study 1: John Green – A Unique Patient

John Green, a 33-year-old Caucasian male, visits the clinic for the first time. Despite being biologically female, John identifies as male, having transitioned two years ago. He completed the transition process socially and with his family last year. He’s currently unemployed, recently moving back home. John acquires testosterone from the internet for self-administration. His health care has primarily involved obtaining suppression medications through Telehealth three months ago. His medical history includes heavy smoking and marijuana use, and he experiences episodes of depression. He’s HIV positive but virally suppressed. Feeling weak, he’s returned home with parents. He takes Biktarvy and 100 mg Testosterone IM weekly. John’s main concern is being a burden on his family due to unemployment and declining health.

Week 2 Discussion Response

By Day 6 of Week 2, respond on two separate days to colleagues assigned different patients. Evaluate their chosen questions and consider how their assigned patients might perceive them. Determine the applicability of these questions to your patient and provide reasons for your assessment.

Case Study 2: Shawn Billings – A Different Case

Shawn Billings, a 28-year-old African American patient, arrives at the clinic today. Referred to as a “frequent flyer,” he recently visited twice for migraines, receiving Toradol and Ativan. Today, he’s here again due to severe headaches. He appears highly agitated, accompanied by his father, and worries about not receiving medication.


References for this discussion and case studies are available upon request.

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