Adapting to Virtual Classrooms in Nursing

Adapting to Virtual Classrooms in Nursing

To help students succeed in the NCLEX® and feel confident in passing it, HESI Compass uses different ways of learning and proven practices. HESI Compass is designed with lots of research and ongoing testing to make sure students can learn in their own way up to test day. The plan for teaching in HESI Compass comes from a lot of important research that helps students learn better. These resources show how learning science can really help students do well.

KATTS: A Framework for Doing Well on the NCLEX-RN McDowell, Betsy. Journal of Nursing Education. 2008;47(4): 183-186.

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Helpful Resources for Using Virtual Reality in Nursing Education

Dr. Betsy McDowell talks about how to get ready for the NCLEX exam in this short read. She talks about preparing for the exam by looking at things like GPA, but also other stuff like test stress, how we feel about ourselves, and tiredness. Looking at all these things helps all students do well on the NCLEX. She made a plan called KATTS. This plan looks at what we know, how we handle stress, and how we take tests, to help us do better on the NCLEX.

2. Using Math to Find Out Why Some Students Do Well on the National Council Licensure Examination Silvestri, Linda A., Clark, Michelle C., Moonie, Sheniz A. Journal of Nursing Education and Practice. 2013;3(6), 21.

Dr. Linda Silvestri studied how students feel confident and how that affects how they do on the NCLEX. She found out that believing in ourselves and our abilities really helps students do well on the exam.

3. Teaching Future Nurse Teachers to Use the Internet to Teach Matthias, A. D., Gazza, E. A., & Triplett, A. (2019). Journal of Nursing Education, 58(8), 488-491.

This study talks about using different ways to teach that all work together to help students learn better. This is super important for nursing teachers and our HESI Compass coaches, so they can teach well online. Using different ways to teach helps students move from learning easy things to thinking in more complex ways, and this helps them get ready for the NCLEX.

4. How We Learn: 26 Ways That Help Students Learn Schwartz, D. L., Tsang, J. M., & Blair, K. P. (2016). New York, NY: W.W. Norton & Company, Inc.

This book takes research about learning and makes it useful for nursing teachers. It explains how different ways of teaching can help students. The book talks about different ways to teach that are proven to work, like rewards and explaining things to ourselves. It also gives examples of how to use these ways in class and what mistakes to avoid.

5. New Research Shows Different Ways to Learn Can Work Better Rohrer, Doug, Pashler, Harold. Educational Researcher. 2010; 39(5): 406-412.

This paper looks at ways students learn, like spacing out practice and testing ourselves, and how they can help us remember things for a long time. The paper talks about studies that show some old ways of studying might not be the best. For example, asking students questions and having them draw what they know can help them learn better than just reading over material again.

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